Our Mission

  • Qualia aims to create a society that enable all its members to fully enjoy their work and life.
  • Qualia respects three elements – Holism, Balance, and Diversity.

Our Vision

  • Qualia supports women to exert their full potential at work and contribute to their organization’s growth.
  • Qualia contributes to materializing a society that enables all its members to work in the most suitable way for each individual with a good balance between work and life.

Our Values

  • Qualia continually engages in new challenges with an unswerving attitude of learning.
  • Qualia establishes a bond of trust through our passion and sincerity.
  • Qualia contributes to the performance of our clients as a performance consultant.
  • Qualia takes the lead in reforms with strong will and courage to act.


What does Qualia mean?

Qualia are the subjective, unquantifiable sensory qualities that accompany our perception. Since coming across the Qualia Manifesto, a mission statement proposed by the brain scientist Ken Mogi, I had been fascinated by the charm of this word, and eventually turned it as the company’s name.

This name demonstrates our determination to pursue the true nature of things, embracing emotions that thrill our soul and indescribable sensory qualities.