Pragmatic DEI Consulting

Achieving Human and Organizational
Transformation through DEI

Message from Qualia Inc.

“Despite this planet being so full of diversity, why does the world around me seem so monocultural? Why is it that the power of all those diverse, capable, and highly motivated people has yet to be fully tapped?” These are the questions that I have been critically asking myself for so long. With an insatiable desire to “realize a society that enables all its members to follow their will, to fully leverage their strengths, and to pursue individual life in their own way,” I founded Qualia Inc. in 2006 to promote and encourage Diversity and Inclusion. Some say pursuing Diversity and Inclusion is a never-ending journey, yet however many difficulties or challenges I have to grapple with, it is my mission and purpose in life to keep moving forward with a strong belief in the future I envision. Flexibly, lithely, joyfully, and seriously – this is the motto of Qualia Inc

Message from Representative Director

Since 1996, I have been dedicated to  diversity and inclusion. Today, numerous companies and individuals realize the importance of  'Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,' and are engaged with it.Adam Ferguson, a Scottish moral philosopher, once said, 'Those who devote themselves to the happiness of others will discover that it is a plentiful source of their own happiness.'

 It brings me immense joy when we contribute to the realization of diversity and inclusion.  I believe in the broadening impact of DEI initiatives and continue on this endless journey.

Masako Arakane
Qualia,inc. Representative Director